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Our Scottish Land Fund advisers have been professional, engaging and efficient. They quickly helped us reach the stage where we could successfully set up a complete funding package for the community woodland and funded part of the land purchase and legal fees.

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SLCF have supported a variety of costs, including land purchase, legal fees, and Health & Safety.

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FET have worked with us throughout the whole funding process and have funded Health & Safety costs.

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SLC REF has actively worked to support us and funded our initial feasibility studies, which were critical to the project's success. REF was also the first funder to award us grant funding (50% of total project costs) - we believe this gave our proposal greater credibility and reassured other agencies.

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Kirkmuirhill and Blackwood Men's Shed have supported us with volunteer labour - which is very much appreciated !!

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Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Co-ordination Group have supported us with wind farm micro-grant funding for smaller projects: these are simple to apply for and very effective.

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